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PSST! Want to make some extra money? Just a little reminder that the 2017 Quilt Show will also have a Member’s Boutique for all member who wish to part with some of their creative endeavours. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. All items for the Member’s Boutique must be of good quality. The items offered must be hand made. No Manufactured items. Acceptable items include sewing, knitting, rug hooking, woodworking etc. Hand made items can be made by your spouse or children. Most people that come to quilt shows are quilters, so they often are looking for different items. Attractive packaged items will sell faster. As an example – place items in a small basket wrapped in clear plastic and label well so the buyer knows exactly what they are buying. As far as kits or fabrics – be careful to not include items that are currently available in our merchants booths. In other words – no current kits or fabrics. Small items under $10.00 sell well.
  2. When you are spring cleaning in your sewing room, set aside unwanted magazines that are in good condition (no ripped out pages), to donate to the Member’s Boutique. Please bring them to the monthly meetings. We will be packaging them prior to the show.
  3. Remember that orphan blocks sell well. They can be donated to the Guild or you can sell them yourself. They should be bundled and packaged in clear plastic bags.
  4. The Guild will take a 10% commission of all items sold at the Member’s Boutique. Each item MUST have a tag that is marked with the member name, what the item is and the price. Any items that have stuffing (including quilts) MUST have a “new material label” attached to it. Please contact us for the labels and let us know how many you need. You MUST also complete a form listing all items you have to sell.
  5. We would like to be able to display items in the Boutique to their full potential, so we need the list of all items that a member wishes to sell by  TBA. This can be by email, snail mail or delivered by hand .
  6. Please deliver items to the Boutique in clear bags or boxes. DO NOT use green garbage bags.
  7. All items are to be delivered on the Friday of the Quilt Show – between 2- 4 PM. Be sure to include the itemized list of all your labelled items for sale. Make sure your name is on this list and keep a copy for yourself. We will be verifying receipt of each item – please be patient – this could take a few minutes.
  8. All unsold items are to be picked up from Member’s Boutique on Sunday between 4:30 and 5:30 PM after the show closes. Any items not picked up will be considered as personal donations to the Quilt Show Committee and will be utilized where most appropriate in future shows. If you cannot drop off or pick up your items, please make arrangements with a friend.
  9. We will be doing grab bags. We are ONLY looking for fabric and ONLY 100% cotton. No other items will be accepted.

We will refuse any product that doesn’t meet the boutique requirement listed above. Remember that this is a “Boutique” sale not a garage sale.