Here are the 2019- 2020 projects and activities that Guild members are encouraged to participate in.

President’s “By The Inch” Challenge

President Janice is challenging all members to finish their unfinished quilts (UFOs) rather the buying more fabric and creating another UFO.  This is the process:

  1. Register with Janice all UFOs as of February 1, 2020 – name of the UFO, brief description, date started.  Submit as many UFOs as possible.  Last date to register a UFO is June 15, 2020.
  2. Complete the quilt including quilting and binding
  3. Measure the perimeter (outside edge) of the quilt, in inches
  4. Take the quilt and measurements to a Guild meeting to show Janice the completed item and she records the total inches.
  5. In June, 2020, prizes awarded for most inches completed, most items completed and the oldest UFO completed

Border Creek Station Mystery:

There is another Border Creek Station mystery quilt this year.  To participate, please sign up at the September meeting so we’re ready to begin in October.  However, it’s not too late to sign up!!  Each participant receives monthly installments with clear instructions and colour diagrams.  An inventory sheet is provided to help keep track of your pieces each month.

Dump and Scoop Box:

Let’s have some fun at our guild meetings.  Scoop up that old fabric, yarn, thread, polyester stuffing, etc that is collecting at home, bring it to a guild meeting and dump it in the box next to the Membership table.  Before the meeting or during the social, feel free to dig through the box and scoop anything that catches your eye.  YES, you are encouraged to scoop even if you can’t find anything to dump in the box.

REMEMBER!!! – One quilt maker’s scraps are another’s treasure!!!!

Speakers and Activities at monthly Guild meetings – click here

Workshops – click here

Community Projects activities – click here


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