Participation Quilts/Groups
Depending on the year, there are a number of projects or activities that Guild members can participate in.

Activities – 2016/2017

Border Creek Station Mystery – It is called “A Quilter’s Joy” starts in October 2016.   Please attend our October 20th, meeting if you plan to participate.  There is a $30.00 fee.  Every month there is a new update to the pattern.

Dump and Scoop Box – Let’s have some fun at our guild meetings.  Scoop up some of that old fabric, yarn, thread, polyester stuffing and dump it in the box next to the workshop table.  Before the meeting or at the break, please feel free to dig through the box and scoop anything that catches your eye.  YES, you are encouraged to scoop even if you can’t find anything to dump in the box.

REMEMBER!!! – One quilt maker’s scraps are another’s treasure!!!!



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