30th Anniversary Executive Challenge

The Dresden Plate-Make It Modern

A challenge is an opportunity to stretch your creativity while working within various parameters like theme, size, and time.  It is the opportunity to do something you have not done before or have always wanted to try.

As this challenge commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Brampton Quilters’ Guild, we thought it would be appropriate to include the symbol of the BQG, the Dresden Plate.

After thirty years, this pattern, although lovely, is a tad dated, so we would like you to “make it modern”, jazz it up a bit!

There are many ways to accomplish this; through fabric choices, deconstruction or repositioning of the block elements, or even using a modern tool, like the EZ Dresden ruler or Marti Michell templates.

 You may choose not to make it out fabric!

There are no size restrictions, it can be small, medium or large; any shape you like; and, it can be a quilt or an object.

There will be no judging or prizes!  Just a fun, creative endeavour for the enjoyment of our members.

Anything goes – USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!!

We would love to see lots of participation!!

Entries must be received May 25th, 2017