From The Library

There are two new books this month, one on log cabin quilts and one on felting.

Please ensure you return all books by the June meeting at the latest as I require them over the summer for a physical inventory.




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2 responses to “From The Library

  1. Chris Reid

    I am planning to do some weeding in our guild library and I wondered what you do. Outside of damaged books, how long do you keep a book – ie not taken out in 5 years (gone), or books older than 10 years not taken out (gone)? Do you offer them to members for free or for a fee :) ?


    • bqguild

      Chris, sorry for the long delay. We don’t have a policy, per se, however I have just done some weeding out.

      I have only removed duplicate books. I feel that as long as I have enough storage it is worth keeping books even if they have not been taken out for a long time, especially if they are out of print as a Quilt Guild might be the only place one could find them. To clear space on the library table and reduce unpacking and repacking I keep the oldest books in a crate with a poster showing the book covers for those interested.

      Magazines are another story. I have sold to members at $.50 each or 3/$1 magazines that haven’t been taken out for more than two years. I offered about 150 magazines at two meetings from a table set up beside the library tables. Surprisingly, they all sold. I raised enough to buy three new books for the library.



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