Garage Sale – Feb. 23rd Meeting

Have you had a chance to gather all those items from your sewing room that need a new home? Are you looking for more things to add to your stash and pattern/gadget collection? Either way, you are going to enjoy our February meeting! Be sure to bring a shopping bag (or bags) and lots of cash (small bills and coins would be appreciated) and be ready to shop til you drop.

You can find Garage Sale tags here. Print out a page, fill in your name and phone #, then copy as many as you need for the items you want to sell. Fill in the item name and price and staple or safety pin the tag to the item (no straight pins, please!) If you want to donate your items to the Guild, put BQG on the tag in place of your name. The Guild will keep 10% of the sale price of all items sold. Please remember that anything that doesn’t sell must be taken home at the end of the meeting.

See you there!


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