Available At The Library – September

Please take a look at our new online library.  If you click on the magazine tab you will see the new magazines available this month.

I have purchased a Quilting Arts TV DVD Season One which has 13 episodes on four disks. Each disk will be available for loan as an individual item.

I have also purchased six copies of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine which provides all sorts of inspiration for project ideas, organizing your sewing items or creating a dream art studio.

Additionally, there are two new copies of Quilting Arts  and The Canadian Quilter, as well as Fons & Porters’ easy Quilts available this month.

Thank-you to Atty for donating “The Practical Encyclopedia of Quilting & Quilt Design” and “Dresden Plate Quilt”.


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  1. Annadele

    Hi Lisa,
    Here’s a list of books I find interesting. Some I have already purchased & some I would like to get.
    Besides patterns, they have a story in them of everyday life of the period.
    “Prairie Children & Their Quilts” Kathleen Tracy
    ” The Civil War Diary Quilt” Rosemary Young
    The Civil War Sewing Circle” Kathleen Tracy
    “The Farmer’s Wife Laurie Aaron Hird
    ” Remembering Adelia” Kathleen Tracy
    ” Home on The Plains” Kathy Moore & Stephanie Whitson


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