October Workshop – Martha Schellingerhoud

Hello ladies!

As announced, Martha will be coming to our guild to teach quilting in sections.  Regretably my printer decided to act up and i did not have a clear picture of her previous work.  Some of you asked about teacher qualifications and here is a brief Bio that Martha sent in:

“I have been quilting for almost twenty years.  Although this hobby has only recently (in the last five years) become a priority in my life due to the fact that my children have become more independent. I am a machine quilter and quilt all my own quilts. ( on a regular sewing machine).  I have taught myself most of the techniques that I use, with the help of magazines and books.  I draw my own patterns for the majority of my quilts after being inspired by a quilt I see in a magazine. (attached are two of my more recent quilts)

I have entered numerous quilts in competitions throughout Ontario, winning many ribbons including the Ontario Juried show in the miniature category in 2006.  I am a member of the Region of York quilters Guild.”

As promised – here are two pictures of her work – the round quilt was published in quilt canada magazine.  Enjoy!


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