Keeping the Quilting Arts Alive in Brampton

Monthly Meetings –We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month (September through June). Meetings are held at:

Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre  292 Conestoga Dr, Brampton, ON.  Most meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.   Read More

Reminder Remember to Bring

Library Books
Name Badge and membership card
Membership Fee
Coffee Mug
Loonies (for Snacks, magazines)
Workshop Fee
Community Projects
Show and Tell Items
Donations: Milk Bags & Used Stamps
Guests – $7

Unwanted fabrics, yarn, notions, etc. – Dump and Scoop Box

If you have fabrics or blocks for the Quilts of Valour – please give to Traceyann Crawford

SOCIAL HOSTESS – The social hostess is categorized by last name. Please bring finger foods, fresh fruit, veggies or baked goods for approx. 12 people.

September – executive council

October – A B C D

November – E F G

Jan. H I J K L

Feb. M N O

Mar. P Q R

April  S

May T U V W X Y Z

June – All Members (Dessert Sewcial)




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Programme   General Meeting


Sept 26

Oct 24

Nov 28

Dec 5

Jan 23

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Mar 26

April 28

June 25



Quilting Guild Brampton